Coindirect Review (2021) –

When compared with similar services, Coindirect offers a very strong selection of cryptocurrencies that you can purchase. This includes the major offerings that you would expect such as Bitcoin, Litcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple while they also make other lesser-known alt-coins available for purchase.

The Coindirect website promotes a total of 40 cryptos available to but through the website. Some of these will be available through your debit or credit card, while others may need to be purchased with Bitcoin through crypto to crypto trade that Coindirect can also facilitate.

Coindirect support a number of major and minor fiat currencies also when it comes to making your crypto purchase. The supported currencies include USD, EUR, GBP, NGN, AUD, and ZAR.

Purchases on the platform can be made from other local P2P vendors in almost any country of the world, with Coindirect facilitating the transaction. This also means that as well as just buying crypto, you could become a seller within the Coindirect marketplace. This is only possible once your account has been verified.

The service also promotes the availability of credit to larger private clients trading $50,000 of currency or more, and the ability to quickly execute trades of up to $1 million on value through their platform.