Litecoin’s Mimblewimble code completed to go Live this year

Lead developer of the Litecoin Foundation David Burkett has announced the completion of the MimbleWimble code via Block Extension.

The code is now in its auditing phase, and few developers will be allowed to review the code over the next few weeks.

Increasing Litecoin’s fungibility

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Litecoin announced that the audit process may not be complete until after several weeks or months. The Foundation added that the actual completion date will depend on the ease of the process, types of issues encountered, and the level of bugs discovered.

An earlier report about the project revealed that the MimbleWimble code is being launched to increase the fungibility and privacy of Litecoin. The upgrade is combining technologies like CoinJoin and Confidential Transactions to make it more feasible.

The code review was submitted to GitHub by Burkett on March 15. However, he explained that about 40% of the overall MimbleWimble code is not in the review and only the libmw code is complete.

The second part of the code depends largely on the first part and will be submitted for review very soon, according to Burkett.

After the review process is complete, node operators and miners will signal support for the update, which will enable it to go live on the Litecoin (LTC) mainnet.

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Upgrade will improve key features

The network’s Mimblewimble testnet was rolled out in September last year after its development that lasted for more than a year. The testnet was meant for only developers, but its mainnet will be open to all users.

Once completed, MimbleWimble will be integrated with Litecoin’s codebase. Afterward, it will be possible for miners to signal support for its mainnet deployment. But the Litecoin community would have to decide how long the upgrade’s full implementation will last.

The MimbleWimble upgrade is necessary to improve important features currently lacking in the Litecoin network. It will also open the door wider for more users and developers to explore the benefits of the network.