Cryptominers Target AMD Ryzen CPUs for Their Big L3 Caches

According to a recent report from Bitcoin Press, the new Raptoreum (RTM) crypto has the potential to create a shortage of AMD Ryzen processors if enough cryptocurrency miners jump on the bandwagon. Unlike other cryptocurrencies that you can mine with graphics cards or ASICs, Raptoreum favors processors, especially those with huge caches, such as Ryzen, Threadripper or Epyc chips from AMD that tend to rank high on our list of CPU benchmarks and best CPUs for gaming.

Having been in testnet for three years, Raptoreum launched earlier this year. It’s based on the Proof-Of-Work (PoW) model and the GhostRider algorithm. The latter combines the x16r and CryptoNight algorithms present in Ravencoin and Monero or Bytecoin, respectively. GhostRider likes L3 cache, especially the massive ones, and that’s an area in which Ryzen chips excel.