Cryptosea Friends Are A Deflationary NFT Collection Built On The Ethereum Blockchain

LAS VEGAS, Nov. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —

CryptoSea Friends Story

CryptoSea Friends is a collection of 5,555 unique mermaids and mermen swimming in the deep waters of Ethereum blockchain. Each fairy is randomly generated by combining more than 500 traits. But be aware, our CryptoSea Friends are very competitive so we are creating swimming racing game.

In the ancient city of Atlantis, many many years ago, the civilization was slowly reaching the stadium of utopia. Peeking architecture, vast gardens, beautiful fountains, moral philosophy, extraordinary beauty and peace. Humankind and Mermaids lived together in harmony. Many have come to experience the heaven on earth and enjoy the magical sound and beauty of lovely mermaids.

Then everything stopped. The day when “The Ultimate Flood” changed the course of history. The greatest city of Atlantis sunk.

5000 years later…

The mythical city of Atlantis is now a new home for a new family. CryptoSea Friends have taken over the city, settled and started their community. Their beauty, melody and charisma is known across all seas. Let’s meet them together.

CryptoSea Friends Sale

CryptoSea Friends will host the whitelisting and public sales of each NFT series on their official website beginning the second week of November, 2021.

CryptoSea Friends’ Journey

The CryptoSea Friends will finally bring the P2E 3D Swimming Race Game, and all CryptoSea Friends holders could enjoy it.

Game Demo Video:

Additionally, there are many benefits for CryptoSea Friends NFT holders, such as upcoming new collections’ airdrop.

Focusing on healthy and strong community, CryptoSea Friends community is doing many giveaways and organizing incentive events.

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