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Myrtle Anne Ramos, Block Tides chief executive, dubbed as the 'Princess of Blockchain' CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

Myrtle Anne Ramos, Block Tides chief executive, dubbed as the ‘Princess of Blockchain’ CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

Despite the challenges of the ongoing pandemic, Block Tides, a company at the forefront of blockchain technology in the country, sees bright prospects in promoting blockchain in the mass market.

At its fifth anniversary celebration at the posh Okada Manila, Block Tides staged what is now being hailed as the first-ever NFT (non-fungible token) marketplace in the Philippines. The rising player in the blockchain community held the event for a cause in cooperation with Vention App. Event partners also included Gala Games, PlaceWar, LBank, Ace eWallet and GokuMarket.

The occasion gathered business innovation leaders to discuss how they can promote the emerging blockchain industry to revive the country’s Covid-19-battered economy. On top of that was the twin initiative to directly assist people struggling amid the pandemic and to develop high-quality learning campaigns to boost blockchain in the country. The ensuing discussions led to unveiling the role of crypto adoption in banking and finance, decentralized finance, and NFTs, among other related concerns.

Block Tides has hosted around 30 road shows about blockchain and cryptocurrency in and around South East Asia. “I will definitely promote blockchain technology in all the other outlets out there,” declared Myrtle Anne Ramos, Block Tides chief executive, dubbed as the “Princess of Blockchain.” The award-winning firm plays a leading role model in helping communities and economies overcome the challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic. For Block Tides management, its unique mission is propelled by a pressing need to look forward and promoting mass adoption of blockchain technology is its way of turning the pandemic into an opportunity to introduce innovation.

Vention App head Julius Santillan pointed out, “It’s a pleasure to be part of this amazing event. I admire seeing people from different generations come together with a common level-up goal.” Kabataang May Gawa, a non-profit organization providing food for pandemic affected families, is a key stakeholder, ably assisted by industry partners such as GokuMarket, LBank, Dreams Quest, MerHorse, BitDogex, Alkimi Exchange, BullBear Hope, SparkPoint, PlaceWar and Vention App. These partnerships have also led to the implementation of a seedling project to plant 100 trees in support of The Haribon Foundation for the conservation of natural resources.

During the blockchain forum at Okada Manila, Ramos who sits as a key executive in companies like PlaceWar and GokuMarket, wisely addressed the ongoing lockdowns and emergency measures brought about by the Covid-19 contagion. She argued, “This crisis is a unique moment of risk and opportunity. We need to strengthen our base and raise our voices together to steer economic recovery.” Ramos has already helped numerous companies transform their businesses from the ground up by disrupting, adjusting, or scaling operations with the use of the latest technological tools and products. As part of her company’s CSR, she has likewise extended material assistance by donating to and helping people in urgent need like the victims of Typhoon “Ulysses,” the recent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions even as the still-ongoing global health crisis rages. She is credited with raising more than $200,000 in donations and giving away $60,000 through her Block Tides Live Series.

Ramos confidently assured her fellow executives, “We are a team of well-experienced marketers and PR professionals heavily involved in blockchain technology. Our team is that golden bridge towards expanding a project globally in no time at all with our strategic partnerships with Asia Token Fund and Block PR Asia.”