WAX Rises to #2 in NFT Sales Volume Among All Layer-1 Blockchains

LOS ANGELES–()–As of today, Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) Blockchain has become the #2 mainnet/layer-1 blockchain in daily and 30-day NFT sales volume, placing WAX ahead of Solana and Flow and behind only Ethereum. This leap was driven by a surge in game activity resulting in a tenfold increase in daily NFT sales volume since the end of September. NFT collections used for games now account for approximately 90% of the top 50 NFT collections on WAX in daily sales volume.

“The foundation of WAX was built on gaming,” said William E. Quigley, co-founder of WAX. “With its high proven in real world operation transaction volume capacity, unique fee structure of no minting and gifting transaction fees, and energy efficient and low carbon footprint, it is the ideal blockchain for games that are looking to incorporate elements such as play-and-earn monetization at scale.”

Processing 4-times more than any other blockchain, and 5-times more than Ethereum’s current theoretical limit, WAX is the most utilized blockchain in the world. Clearing more than 15 million transactions daily, it is the most used blockchain for games and processes approximately three-quarters of all daily game related transactions across all blockchains. Despite the large amount of activity, WAX remains one of the most eco-friendly blockchains, consuming only .000223 terawatts of electricity and producing only 110 tons of carbon per year (equivalent to approximately only 1.5 American households). WAX was also the first certified carbon neutral blockchain.

Sources referenced include cryptoslam.io, waxmarketcap.com, and dappradar.com. For more information about WAX, visit wax.io to register for a WAX wallet and join the official WAX Discord.

About WAX

The Worldwide Asset eXchange™ (WAX), aka the King of NFTs, is the world’s #1 blockchain, as measured by number of users and transactions, according to Dappradar.com. WAX’s mission is to bring NFTs to the mass market in the safest, most secure, environmentally friendly, and easy-to-use marketplace in the world. WAX is also the leading entertainment NFT network — in 2018, WAX introduced vIRLs®, giving consumer product companies the ability to directly link NFTs to physical consumer products. Co-founded in 2017 by William E. Quigley and Jonathan Yantis, WAX has facilitated the trade of more than 100 million digital collectables including Major League Baseball (via Topps MLB collectables), Funko Digital POP!, Capcom’s “Street Fighter,” and world-renowned entertainers Deadmau5 and Weezer. For more information, please visit https://wax.io and follow along on Twitter and Discord.