Axie Infinity (AXS), Hedera (HBAR), VeChain (VET), Bitgert (BRISE) & The SandBox (SAND)

Already the crypto market is recovering from the December plunge, with most coins already posting impressive growth. The big number of cryptocurrencies doing well during the first days of 2022 is a sign of good tides coming. Here are some of the cryptocurrencies worth looking at today:

Axie Infinity (AXS)

Axie Infinity is a gameFi platform built on the blockchain to decentralize the gaming platform by giving the community more control. Users of this gaming platform partially own and operate the game. This is what makes it unique and attractive. There are thousands of investors and users who are actively involved in the running of the platform.

Axie Infinity enables players to collect, breed, raise, battle, and trade token-based creatures called Axies. Therefore, it is a gaming platform with incredible utility. Users can do a lot of transactions on the platform, and that’s how token investors make more money.

The metaverse industry was booming in 2021, and the trend is projected to continue into 2022. The gaming platform has found itself in a place where the gaming industry is breaking out. As one of the oldest gaming platforms, the project has the potential to grow even bigger in 2022. It would, therefore, make a perfect crypto investment.

Hedera (HBAR)

Hedera (HBAR) is a platform building a decentralized economy to enable businesses and individuals to create dApps. The market is increasingly becoming individualized in that every organization has unique needs. Hedera is providing a platform for developers to develop dApps with ease.

The unique thing about this platform is that it does not run on the convention blockchain but on a novel distributed ledger technology called Hashgraph. The technology offers better speed, cost, and scalability, making the platform popular with developers.

With the dApp technology increasingly growing popular, Hedera will continue being one of the most sought-after platforms. With the advanced products launching in 2022, this will definitely be a crypto project to watch.

VeChain (VET)

VeChain is a smart contract platform that started in 2015. Over the years, it has improved with the advancing blockchain technology to build a more powerful platform. This ultra-efficient blockchain platform is designed to offer the benefits of decentralized platforms to enterprises through the support of dApps.

Vechain team has created impeccable products that enable developers to develop and run dApps on its networks. With demand for dApps increasing every and the number of developers increasing, VeChat will be one of the most sought-after smart contract platforms of 2022.

In addition to that, the 2022 roadmap for the platform looks impressive and will see the platform improve its utility. This means more value to the token, making an ideal crypto investment of 2022.

Bitgert (BRISE)

Investors who trusted the Bitgert (BRIE) from the beginning are today smiling all the way to the bank. The token has been performing very well since its launch at the end of July 2021. For the last five months, the price of $BRISE has increased several folds.

Bitgert is a DeFi project building one of the most powerful payment systems. The project includes a range of projects, most of which the team has already launched, but the most exciting is the upcoming exchange and the zero gas fee blockchains in the 2022 roadmap.

The centralized Brise exchange is launching in Q1 2022, while the gasless blockchain is in the development stage. With this blockchain, users will be able to sell, buy and transfer crypto without paying a gas fee.

According to the recent announcement, the team is doxxing, and the project is registering as a legal entity. The iOS wallet is launching soon. Visit the Bitgert website for more, including the ongoing staking process.

The SandBox (SAND)

The Sandbox is one of the first virtual gaming projects built on the blockchain platform. The project was launched in 2011 to provide a virtual world platform where users create, build, buy and sell digital assets in a game. This was way before the NFTs came to prominence.

The Sandbox gaming platform has grown to be one of the biggest decentralized gaming platforms with various products, including an NFT marketplace. It is today a fully-fledged gameFi project. The coming of metaverse has made the platform even bigger than could have been anticipated.

The team is capitalizing on the gaming industry to add more utility to the token. With the expected bullish growth of the metaverse and the entire gaming industry, the Sandbox will be one of the projects worth investing in.

Investors are recommended to do thorough research on the crypto projects before investing. This is because the crypto market is very versatile, and things change very fast. Proper research will also protect investors from losing their hard-earned money and also to get the most out of their investments.