Cardano Inspired Project Bitgert Plans To Help Small Scale Business in Raising Fund Through BRC20 Smart Contract, Tough Competitor for Avalanche & Matic

Cardano Inspired Project Bitgert Plans To Help Small Scale Business in Raising Fund Through BRC20 Smart Contract, Tough Competitor for Avalanche & Matic


February 17, 2022

The decentralization of the financial industry has been one of the areas that most blockchain-based projects have been working on. Bitgert, a Cardano-inspired DeFi project, is making financial decentralization a reality by enabling small businesses to raise funds from investors. Through the BRC20 Smart Contract that was launched together with the Bitgert blockchain mainnet, small businesses can now raise funds from the global market. Read about this plan by the Bitgert team and how the project has dwarfing competition:



The Bitgert team has promised to develop a revolutionary DeFi protocol that enables users to directly access the global financial market. This dream is becoming a reality with the launch of the Bitgert Startup Studio, which is a platform for small-scale businesses to raise funds. The Bitgert platform brings together business owners and investors through the BRC20 Smart Contract. What the business owner will need to do is to list their token on the support DEX with BRISE for private or public sale. The raised funds are then safely held in the Bitgert BRC20 Smart Contract. The Bitgert Startup Studio will be a game-changer for small-scale businesses.



The introduction of the Bitgert Startup Studio has set the Bitgert project apart from the rest of the competition, including Centcex. The Centcex project has just started developing the first product, which is the crypto exchange. Though many products are in this project roadmap, no such products have been introduced. So Bitgert is likely to get more popular with small businesses raising funds than Centcex. However, there could be a Centcex blockchain, making the project quite competitive.



The Solana crypto project has so far done so well in the crypto industry by providing one of the fastest blockchains in the market. But the launch of the Bitgert blockchain has made Solana the second-fastest blockchain. With its 100k TPS, Bitgert has proven faster than Solana and is also delivering products solving real issues. The Bitgert Startup Studio has no equivalent on the Solana network. These are the upcoming developments that are proving how powerful the Bitgert blockchain is.



The Cardano blockchain is supporting so many products from the team, but there is none of these products can be compared to the Bitgert Startup Studio. This is one of the products that the Bitgert project has done better than Cardano. With so many small-scale businesses on the market, very few are benefiting from the Cardano system. With the Bitgert Startup Studio expected to be a game-change, we are likely to see even Cardano coming up with a similar product.



Apart from providing the developer with a faster and cheaper platform to build products, the Avalanche team has been slow in delivering products. The team has been working on improving the smart contract scaling and lowering the gas fee. But the Avalanche team has not developed products that can match the likes of Bitgert Startup Studio. That’s why it’s the biggest competition might be Bitgert. The Brise chain is faster than the avalanche protocol and offers cheaper gas fees. These are just some of the reasons why Bitgert is taking over Avalanche.



The Polygon Matic network has been impressive for the last few years, especially for Ethereum-based projects. More developers have built projects in Matic because of the cheaper gas and speed. But the coming of the Bitgert chain has made Polygon a very expensive and slow network. With the Brise chain 100k TPS and $0.0000000000001 gas fee, the Bitgert blockchain is too powerful for the Matic right now. The Matic team has also not developed a product the like of Bitgert Startup Studio.



The Litecoin cryptocurrency development has been impressive. Over the years, the LTC team has managed to deliver one of the best performing cryptocurrencies. Plus, the advantage of being the first-comers in the industry, Litecoin has managed to build one of the most successful digital coins. This can be seen from the thousands of merchants accepting Litecoin payments. But the Bitgert crypto project might outperform Litecoin in both adoption rate and product delivery. So far, the LTC team has no equivalent of the Bitgert Startup Studio.

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