Horizon Blockchain Games Closes $40M in Series A Funding

Horizon Blockchain Games, a Toronto, Canada-based developer of a platform and smart wallet that enable the development of web3 games and applications, raised $40M in Series A funding.

The round was led by Brevan Howard Digital and Morgan Creek Digital with participation from Take-Two Interactive Software, Polygon, Ubisoft, Xsolla, Initialized Capital, BITKRAFT Ventures, CMT Digital, Quantstamp, Round13 Capital, Xchange, Everyrealm, Tobias Lütke, Sebastien Borget, Aleks Larsen, Alex Adelman, and Anthony Sassano.

The company intends to use the funds to expand its sequence web3 developer platform and smart wallet, scale Skyweaver, and introduce SFT marketplace Niftyswap.

Led by CEO Peter Kieltyka, Horizon provides the Sequence developer platform and a smart wallet that make building web3 games and applications easy across Ethereum, Polygon and other EVM chains. The company will also use the capital to expand and enhance the world of Skyweaver, which was released as an open beta on February 8, 2022. Horizon has a rich product roadmap to introduce new tradable items, spectator mode, guilds, and Skyweaver economy 2.0. Additionally, the company will expand Niftyswap.io, a decentralized marketplace for video game items, digital fashion, metaverse collectibles, and more. Niftyswap has been released to a group of external testers from the web3 community in preparation for a public release this fall.